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How To Keep Your Crypto Safe In Best Wallet
How To Keep Your Crypto Safe In Best Wallet

Learn the best ways to safeguard your crypto funds in Best Wallet.

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As your crypto portfolio grows in Best Wallet, it becomes increasingly important that you know how to safeguard your crypto funds.

Whilst the Best Wallet app provides cutting-edge security measures, it is also important to learn how to keep your funds safe. Because Best Wallet is fully non-custodial, you have full ownership and control over your crypto, meaning you are responsible for safeguarding your crypto.

This article outlines essential practices to ensure your crypto remains safe within the Best Wallet app.

Only download the official Best Wallet app on a secure device

First, download your Best Wallet app onto a secure mobile device. Ensure it is free from malware and avoid using rooted or jailbroken devices.

Always download the Best Wallet app via official links on the website or articles, to avoid counterfeit apps. Check the reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to ensure you have the right Best Wallet app.

Guard your Best Wallets' secret recovery phrases and private keys

Your private key and/or secret recovery phrase are the master keys to your cryptocurrency. Never share these with anyone, and no

Revealing this information can lead to unauthorised access and potential loss of your assets. Treat them as you would your most valuable personal information – sending your private key or secret recovery phrase would be like sending your online banking app’s login details and password.

Store backups securely and safely

It's vital to make backups of your private key and secret recovery phrase. Print out your private key and physically write down your secret recovery phrase, then store them in secure locations.

Note: Don’t keep documents or screenshots of your private key or secret recovery phrase on any device, as there are malware or phishing attacks designed to locate and steal these copies, resulting in the loss of your crypto funds.

Best Wallet suggests making multiple physical copies of your secret recovery phrase/private key and storing them in secure locations.

Be cautious with website/dApp connections

Only connect your Best Wallet to websites and decentralised apps (dApps) that you entirely trust. Unfamiliar or suspicious websites may harbour malicious intentions, such as phishing attempts or malware.

Before connecting your wallet, verify the website's authenticity and ensure it's secure. You can do this by looking for HTTPS in the URL and checking for a padlock symbol in the browser.

Also, only connect your Best Wallet to trusted projects and sites. Don’t connect your wallet to a small, unknown project without doing your due diligence.

In addition, make sure you execute transactions while using secure, private networks. Public Wi-Fi is vulnerable to security breaches, exposing your wallet to potential threats.

Verify blockchain compatibility before transactions

Before purchasing or swapping cryptocurrencies on external providers like decentralised exchanges, ensure they are compatible with the supported blockchain networks in Best Wallet.

Conducting transactions across different blockchains can result in the permanent loss of your assets.

For example, if you are buying a token externally to Best Wallet, ensure you buying on a blockchain supported in Best Wallet (Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon). If you buy a token on an unsupported blockchain, you won’t be able to receive it in Best Wallet, potentially resulting in lost crypto funds.

Regular wallet backups and monitoring

Periodically back up your wallet details and monitor all your Best Wallet activity. Any unauthorised transactions should raise concerns, and the best thing to do is contact Best Wallet support for further advice.

Keep your Best Wallet app updated to the latest version as well as updates often include security enhancements and fixes for known vulnerabilities.

Stay up-to-date by following Best Wallet's social media channels

Best Wallet actively communicates with its users and provides important information regarding scams, updates, and best practices through its social media channels.

Make sure to follow Best Wallet on platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and Telegram.

By keeping up with Best Wallet's social media updates, you can stay ahead of potential scams and be informed about the latest developments and security measures.

Ensure that you follow the official, verified Best Wallet accounts to avoid misinformation and phishing attempts disguised as legitimate sources.

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