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How To Import a Wallet in Best Wallet
How To Import a Wallet in Best Wallet

Learn how to import another crypto wallet you have into the Best Wallet app.

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Learn how to import another wallet you own into your Best Wallet app. This is useful if you want to import and use a wallet from providers like Metamask, Exodus, and Trust Wallet in Best Wallet, allowing you to manage your whole crypto portfolio in one place.

All you will need to import another wallet into Best Wallet is that wallet's private keys or secret recovery phrase (also known as a seed phrase), which can be found in the other crypto wallet provider's app/extension.

Step One: Getting started

You can add a new wallet from your multiwallet view, accessed by tapping your wallet card on the home screen.

Alternatively, you can go to the "Settings" page via the navigation bar at the bottom.

On your Settings page, go to "Manage wallets".

In your "Manage wallets", you can add a new wallet - you have the option to create a new wallet or import an existing one.

Step Two: Using your external wallet's private key or secret recovery phrase

Next, hit the “Import” button.

In the next step, you will have to enter the private key or secret recovery phrase of your other wallet. This is standard practice and allows you full access to your external wallet within the Best Wallet app.

We recommend pasting your external wallet's private key or secret recovery phrase to avoid typos or errors. Once you've entered a valid private key or secret recovery phrase, you will be able to continue.

Next, select how many wallets you wish to import. Your secret recovery phrase may have several wallets attached to it, and therefore, you can import as many as you’d like into Best Wallet. For example, you may have three Metamask wallets that use the same secret recovery phrase, so you can either import all three or just select one.

By pressing the drop-down, you can select how many wallets to preview.

Step Three: Customising your imported wallet in Best Wallet

Select the wallet you wish to import.

Next, review and confirm you've selected the correct wallet you want to import into Best Wallet.

By pressing "Import", you'll be brought to the customisation page for your new wallet.

You can now customise your imported wallet by renaming it, changing the colour, and the watermark on the wallet card. This will only change how your imported wallet appears in the Best Wallet app.

Once you’re done, tap “Done”, and your alternative wallet is ready for use within the Best Wallet app. You'll be able to access and edit your newly imported wallet on the "Manage wallets" page.

You can now see your wallet in the "Imported wallets".

Next, you can see your newly imported wallet's private keys and your wallet's connected sessions, and you can also edit your wallet's name and appearance.

Please note that external wallets may have limited functionality within the Best Wallet app due to what chains are currently supported.

Can’t see all your tokens in your imported wallet?

Your tokens aren’t lost; they remain safe in your imported wallet, even if you can’t see them. You may have to import the token individually, or it may be that the token is on a chain that is currently not supported in Best Wallet.

You can access those tokens in your original wallet app/extension.

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