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How To Create a New Wallet in Best Wallet
How To Create a New Wallet in Best Wallet

Learn how to create a brand new wallet in the Best Wallet app.

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Learn the simple steps to create a brand new wallet in Best Wallet. This new wallet is in addition to and completely separate from your Main Best Wallet, which was made automatically when you first signed up. You can use the new wallet to hold and transact crypto separately from your main Best Wallet.

Step One: Getting started

In the Best Wallet app, go to the Settings tab in the navigation bar on the Best Wallet home page.

This will bring you to the settings menu. Next, click “Manage wallets”, which will show your existing wallet(s) in Best Wallet, including any imported wallets.

At the bottom, click “Add wallet”.

Here, you will be given two options: Import or Create.

Click “Create” to start creating your new wallet. Your new wallets in Best Wallet are a little different from your main wallet, as they use a Secret Recovery Phrase.

Only your Main Best Wallet uses Web3Auth and 2-Factor Authentication. A Seed Recovery Phrase seems confusing, but we will go through what it is and how to safely handle it.

What is a Secret Recovery Phrase?

Your Secret Recovery Phrase is a generated series of 12 random words in a set order. It will look something like this:

1. apple

5. divorce

9. inch

2. feature

6. man

10. relax

3. bear

7. fruit

11. manage

4. lost

8. vintage

12. federal

Your Secret Recovery Phrase is very important in safeguarding and securing any crypto in your newly created wallet.

It is used to restore or import your new Best Wallet(s) if you are ever logged out of your Best Wallet account, have a new device, or lose access to your wallet for another reason.

All your new wallets created in Best Wallet will use this Secret Recovery Phrase.

However, your main Best Wallet does not use this Secret Recovery Phrase, as it uses your Web3Auth log in details and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to help recover and secure any crypto.

Things To Remember:

  1. If you lose access to your device and your Secret Recovery Phrase, you will be unable to access your new wallet and any funds inside. We can’t access your wallets for you.

  1. If your device is lost or stolen, the only way to recover your funds is with your Secret Recovery Phrase. With it, you can restore your new Best Wallet on any new device.

  1. Do not ever share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone. If you do, they will have access to all your wallet’s crypto. No one from Best Wallet will ever ask for it.

Step Two: Copying your secret recovery phrase

Best Wallet will then show a list of things to remember around your Secret Recovery Phrase. Please read carefully, then press "Reveal secret recovery phrase".

Best Wallet will then generate a random 12-word phrase as your Secret Recovery Phrase.

It is important you record these words accurately and in the correct numbered order. The best practice is to record your Secret Recovery Phrase physically; we recommend writing it down and storing it somewhere safe.

There will also be an option to copy your Secret Recovery Phrase to the clipboard of your mobile device.

Next, you will be tested to make sure you have remembered your Secret Recovery Phrase. To confirm your backup, you will be asked to select the right word to its numbered position in your Secret Recovery Phrase.

For example, you will be asked to select your 5th word out of three potential words, only one being correct. We recommend you do not skip this stage because your Secret Recovery Phrase is key to keeping all your crypto safe in your new wallet.

Step Three: Customising your new Best Wallet

Once you’ve successfully confirmed your Secret Recovery Phrase backup, you can customise your new wallet.

Change the colour, watermark, and name of your new wallet, making it easier to distinguish your new Best Wallet.

Once you are happy with your customisation, hit "Done". Your new Best Wallet is created!

Step Four: Using your new Best Wallet

Your new Best Wallet will now show on the home screen.

You can edit it by going back into the Settings section and clicking “Manage wallets”. Your newly created wallet is accessible here.

You can view your new wallet(s), as well as being able to access your Secret Recovery Phrase here. This is useful if you need to make a new copy.

Remember: Keep a copy of your Secret Recovery Phrase somewhere safe and secure.

You can create more Best Wallets by following the same steps, but remember – they will all use the same Secret Recovery Phrase generated during the first new Best Wallet you create.

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