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How To Access Presales and iGaming in Best Wallet
How To Access Presales and iGaming in Best Wallet

Learn how to access presales and iGaming platforms directly in Best Wallet.

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This guide will show you how to access a wide range of platforms directly in the Best Wallet app. These include new projects such as presales and airdrops, as well as the biggest iGaming platforms.

You can use your crypto held in Best Wallet to buy into the latest presales, as well as benefit from exclusive bonuses with the best iGaming providers, all from the Apps section of Best Wallet.

Step 1: Go to the Apps page

Go into your Best Wallet app and head to “Apps” on your navigation bar at the bottom.

This will bring you to Best Wallet’s partner presale projects, iGaming platforms, and much more, allowing you to open their respective websites/apps directly.

Step 2: Browse and explore

You can now choose from all the partner platforms within Best Wallet, including our partner project directory, which includes presale projects and airdrops.

This is useful if you're looking for the latest and hottest presale and airdrop projects.

What is iGaming?

iGaming, short for internet gaming, refers to any form of gambling or betting conducted over the internet. This includes online casinos, poker, sports betting, and other forms of wagering. iGaming has been revolutionised by crypto and blockchain platforms, and therefore, Best Wallet has partnered with some of the best iGaming platforms, including Coin Poker and WSM Casino.

Best Wallet has a directory of the largest and most lucrative iGaming platforms. You can view all of them by clicking "View More".

This will bring you to a directory of iGaming platforms, including exclusive offers at the top.

By clicking the banner, you will be brought to the respective iGaming platform to claim your bonus.

You can view all the available iGaming platforms, as well as useful insights like KYC requirements, available bonuses, user benefits, and much more.

Pros of iGaming

  • By connecting your Best Wallet to these iGaming platforms, you can directly use the crypto in your wallet to place bets, play online casino games, and benefit from Best Wallet's exclusive bonuses.

  • By using crypto held in your Best Wallet, your iGaming experience remains private and secure. Not only that, but using your Best Wallet is straightforward; before you’d have to fund your account with bank deposits that could take days. Now, you can connect your wallet and instantly start playing/wagering.

  • Smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into code, can ensure that payouts are automated and transparent.

Best Wallet and its integrated list of iGaming platforms provide a convenient and efficient way to place bets, play online casino games, and benefit from industry-leading bonuses. iGaming platforms can facilitate fast and low-cost transactions, especially for international players who may encounter restrictions or high fees when using traditional banking methods.

What is the Project Directory?

The Best Wallet project directory will list new crypto projects, including presales, educational platforms, and meme coins. These have been audited and chosen by the Best team for representing a good return on investment (ROI) potential for Best Wallet users.

Pros of using Best Wallet’s Project Directory

  • Through Best Wallet’s partners, you can select the best new projects on the crypto market. You can also see key information like how much that project has raised so far.

  • You can directly go to the project’s websites, avoiding fake or imitation websites. You can then connect your Best Wallet directly to buy, avoiding any risk of hacks or phishing scams.

What is DeFi?

DeFi stands for Decentralised Finance and refers to a category of financial services and applications built on blockchain technology.

In traditional finance, intermediaries like banks, exchanges, and other financial institutions play a central role in facilitating transactions, providing lending services, and managing assets. DeFi seeks to replace or augment these intermediaries with decentralised protocols, smart contracts, and decentralised applications (dApps).

Best Wallet has curated a list of the most useful DeFi applications, such as Uniswap and DexScreener.

Through the Best Wallet Apps page, you can access DeFi applications, offering a direct route to decentralised financial tools.

Pros of using DeFi platforms

  • You can directly go to the DeFi platform’s website or decentralised app (dApp), avoiding fake or imitation websites. You can connect your Best Wallet directly to engage with DeFi functions, like swapping your crypto.

  • These are some of the largest DeFi platforms, ensuring you get the best liquidity pools and exchange rates for all your transactions.

  • DeFi represents a paradigm shift in the way financial services are designed, delivered, and accessed, offering greater efficiency, accessibility, and autonomy to users.

What is the News Directory?

Best Wallet also has integrated a directory of crypto news websites, including Crypto News. These news outlets will have the latest crypto news, market sentiments, and token insights.

Pros of Best Wallet's News

  • You remain informed on the crypto market and the latest projects via third-party crypto news outlets and websites. With a lot of fake and scam news in crypto, it's important to have access to trusted outlets.

  • These websites often will track market movement, and wider crypto news, as well as offer investment strategies and thought pieces, meaning you can remain informed when making investments.

Visit Best Wallet's Apps

Through Best Wallet's integration of a wide array of apps, you can directly access and connect your wallet to the best new projects, DeFi platforms, and much more.

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