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How To Connect Your Best Wallet To Mobile Websites & dApps
How To Connect Your Best Wallet To Mobile Websites & dApps

Learn how to connect your Best Wallet to mobile websites, platforms, and dApps.

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Learn the steps to connect your Best Wallet to mobile websites and decentralised applications (dApps).

This is useful if you want to use your Best Wallet to buy a cryptocurrency presale, transact on a decentralised exchange like Best DEX, or use an online crypto casino all from your mobile device.

By connecting your Best Wallet, you allow your wallet to interact seamlessly with the website or dApp to carry out transactions securely without revealing any sensitive information.

Note: It is important to only connect your Best Wallet to trusted websites and dApps.

The most common way to connect your Best Wallet to websites/dApps will be via WalletConnect. This is an open protocol for connecting websites and dApps to mobile crypto wallets.

Step 1: Going to the mobile website or dApp

Head to your chosen crypto platform’s website or app and find the connect wallet button. For example, the mobile Best DEX website has several options to connect your wallet.

How you connect your wallet will depend on what website or dApp you are using. It should always be relatively straightforward but refer to that respective website or dApp’s help guides if you encounter an issue.

Step 2: Connecting your Best Wallet

Once you’ve pressed “Connect Wallet”, you can connect directly with different wallet providers or use WalletConnect. Best Wallet is an option in Best DEX, but it may not be on other websites or dApps. If that is the case, select the “WalletConnect” option to find Best Wallet.

For dApps and websites that don't have Best Wallet as an instant option, use WalletConnect instead. You may have to search “Best Wallet” in the search bar.

Once you select the Best Wallet option, you will get an option to open your Best Wallet app. It is safe to click "Open" as it will just bring you to a permission page in the Best Wallet app, and will not automatically connect.

In Best Wallet, you will have the choice to select which wallet in Best Wallet you want to connect.

Select the desired wallet from your wallet list.

Once you’ve selected the correct wallet, click the “Connect” button.

Once you've pressed "Connect", you'll get a notification confirming the connection to the dApp and website.

Step 3: Using Best Wallet on the mobile website or dApp

Your Best Wallet should now be connected to the platform of your choosing! Head back to the website or dApp that you are using and you should be able to use your funds within that platform.

Things to remember

The best crypto practice is to only connect your Best Wallet to websites or dApps you trust and are widely used. Although connecting your wallet is relatively safe, it is still best to exercise caution and research each website or dApp you want to interact with your Best Wallet.

Once you’ve finished using a website or dApp, it’s good practice to straightway disconnect your Best Wallet.

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