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Which Crypto Network Is My Token On?
Which Crypto Network Is My Token On?

Learn how to check what network your cryptocurrency is on in Best Wallet.

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Learn the simple steps to check what crypto network your token is on in the Best Wallet app. This is important to know when transacting your crypto to ensure you are sending/swapping on the right network.

Confusingly, cryptocurrency tokens can exist on multiple blockchain networks simultaneously. Their price will be consistent across different networks. For example, Tether's token ($USDT) exists and is priced the same on the Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Smart Chain networks.

Think of crypto networks as computer operating systems. Just as applications like Microsoft Word have different versions for Windows and Apple, cryptocurrencies can exist on different networks. They have the same value and function but are designed to operate within specific network environments.

To manage your cryptocurrencies well, it's important to know which blockchain network they're on, especially when you're swapping, buying, or sending them. Here's an easy guide to help you figure out your token's network.

Check the token symbol on your token list

The simplest way to identify the network of your token is by looking for a network symbol next to the token's logo in your wallet. In your Best Wallet home screen, you will see tokens you own, and which network they are on.

There are little network logos next to your cryptos in the token list, which will reflect what network your crypto is on.

For example, you can own Tether ($USDT) both on the Ethereum and Polygon networks. You can differentiate between these by looking for the network logos next to your crypto. This will ensure that you know which network your tokens are on, meaning you always select the right token when transacting.

Use the ‘Manage Tokens’ feature

For a more detailed approach, you can use the "Manage tokens" option available on the homepage of your wallet app. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the home screen of your wallet.

  2. Look for the three dots on the right of your token list.

  3. Select "Manage tokens".

4. Search for your desired token.

5. This will give you the option to save a token to your token list, and which version you want to see and potentially trade. Cryptocurrencies can exist on several different networks, like Tether ($USDT), which is available on many networks, including Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon.

By selecting the right version of a token, you can ensure you avoid any transacting issues further down the line.

Matching tokens with their chains to avoid failed transactions

When engaging in transactions, it's important to ensure that the tokens you're dealing with match the chain you intend to use.

For example, if you plan to swap or use $USDT within the Polygon network, make sure to buy $USDT that is specifically on the Polygon chain.

This ensures seamless transactions and avoids the complications of cross-chain transfers.

Additionally, before sending a token, double-check which chain it's on and select the appropriate mainnet for the transaction.

Sending a token through the wrong mainnet, like attempting to send a Polygon-based token through the Ethereum mainnet, will likely result in a failed transaction.

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