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Which Crypto Networks Does Best Wallet Support?
Which Crypto Networks Does Best Wallet Support?

Learn about the supported crypto networks on Best Wallet and when Bitcoin will be added.

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Best Wallet currently supports three major crypto networks - Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon, meaning you can buy, swap, and transfer any major cryptocurrency built on these blockchain networks.

Read on to learn more about each network Best Wallet supports, and what crypto networks are being added soon.

Current networks supported on Best Wallet

Best Wallet supports hundreds of major tokens from three major networks:

  • BNB Smart Chain: Known for its fast transaction times and low fees, BSC is a favourite among traders and developers. Best Wallet users can enjoy the benefits of BSC by buying, swapping, and holding tokens like $BNB and many others built on this network.

  • Ethereum: As the home of smart contracts and a vast ecosystem of decentralised applications (dApps), Ethereum is a cornerstone of the crypto world. Best Wallet supports Ethereum, allowing users to manage $ETH and a wide array of ERC-20 tokens.

  • Polygon: With its framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, Polygon offers a solution to Ethereum's scalability issues. Best Wallet users can buy, swap, and hold $MATIC and other tokens on the Polygon network, benefiting from its increased speed and reduced costs.

Expanding Best Wallet's network support

Best Wallet is working on expanding its supported networks, as laid out in the Best Wallet roadmap. The next supported network to be added will be Bitcoin. This means you will soon be able to buy, swap, and hold $BTC tokens directly in Best Wallet.

After that, Best Wallet will focus on adding chains like Solana, Cardano, Avalanche, and Tron.

Until then, users can enjoy the many tokens and capabilities of BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon.

Whether you're looking to trade rapidly on BSC, engage with dApps on Ethereum, or take advantage of Polygon's scalability, Best Wallet has you covered.

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