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Why Can’t I Log Back Into My Best Wallet?
Why Can’t I Log Back Into My Best Wallet?

Troubleshoot your log in issue and regain access to your Best Wallet.

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Learn how to log back into your original Best Wallet account and access your Main Wallet.

If you’ve been logged out, or are logging in from another device, you will be presented with the Best Wallet log in or sign up screen.

First and foremost is remembering which method you used to initially sign up withEmail, Google, or Apple authentication. If you try a method that doesn’t bring you back to your original Best Wallet account, try the following things to regain access.

Accidentally making a new Best Wallet account instead of logging in

As there are three different methods to create a Best Wallet account - Email, Google, or Apple authentication - it's possible to use the same email address in multiple sign up methods.

For example, you could use the same Gmail address for either the email or Google sign up methods. When trying to regain access to your initial Best Wallet, it may be you’re trying to log in using the right email, but via a different method than the one you first signed up with.

To rectify this, use the same log in method as your initial registration to access your original Best Wallet. For instance, if you created a Best Wallet using Email Authentication, ensure that you use Email Authentication to log back into your Best Wallet account every time you log out.

If you try to use the Apple or Google log in method, even with the same email as you did for the Email Authentication log in, Best Wallet will generate a brand new wallet.

Note: All the funds in your original Best Wallet remain safe, and your wallet is not deleted or lost - you'll regain access to them when you log in with the same method.

You've forgotten or lost access to your email address

It may be that you’ve forgotten or lost access to the email address you used to create your Best Wallet. If you're not sure which email you used to sign up to Best Wallet, search your email inboxes for 'Best Wallet'.

If you've lost access to your email, the best thing to do is to contact your email provider to regain access to it.

Once you know what email address you used, the recovery process is straightforward. Using the original sign up method, enter the correct email address for your Best Wallet. A 6-digit verification code will be sent to that email.

Once you have entered the code, you might have to verify your identity via two-factor authentication (2FA).

Once you enter the 4-digit verification code sent to your device's number, you will have to set up a new passcode for Best Wallet and enable your FaceID. Although you may have already done this during your initial sign up, Best Wallet will ask you to create a new passcode to re-secure your app.

This is just an added layer of security, much like online banking apps use, meaning that even if your mobile device is compromised or lost, people can't access your Best Wallet app.

You've accidentally created more than one Best Wallet account

If you created a Best Wallet through email and then tried to log in with the same email but via the Apple or Google log in method, the system will generate a brand new Best Wallet.

All your crypto funds remain safe, and your original Best Wallet is not deleted or lost - you'll see it again when you log in via the original log in method.

If you have crypto in two separate main Best Wallets, the best thing to do is send your crypto from one Best Wallet to another, to keep it all in one secure under one account.

There is no issue or problem with having more than one Best Wallet account, but we recommend you choose one to solely use, and note down the email address, the sign up method, and the number you used for 2FA.

It is important to note that because Best Wallet is a fully non-custodial crypto wallet, we cannot ever recover your Best Wallet funds for you. You have complete ownership of your crypto and all your wallets.

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