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How To Send Crypto with Best Wallet
How To Send Crypto with Best Wallet

Learn the simple steps to send crypto from one wallet to another in the Best Wallet app.

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Learn the simple steps to successfully send crypto from one wallet to another using the Best Wallet app.

Step One: Getting started

There are several different ways of sending crypto on the Best Wallet app. The first is clicking the “Send” button in the main wallet section at the top of the app's home screen.

You can also send your funds either by selecting the token you wish to send from your token list or by going to the "Trade" tab.

All the different entry points for sending your crypto will bring you to the same process.

Step Two: Entering the receiver's wallet address

The next step is to enter the recipient's wallet address. If you're confused about a crypto wallet address, there's an (i) option in-app.

The pop-up will help explain what wallet addresses are. In short, it explains a wallet is an alphanumeric identifier for any crypto wallet, and to ensure you are inputting the right address for your transaction.

For example, you need to input the Ethereum address for the receiving wallet if you're sending $ETH tokens or any crypto built on the Ethereum network. Learn more about why crypto wallets have different addresses.

The best practice is to copy and paste crypto wallet addresses to avoid errors.

You can also double-check the wallet address on the next page. If you enter the wrong or incorrectly copied wallet address, your transaction will fail or result in the crypto being sent to the wrong wallet.

Note: All blockchain transactions are permanent and irreversible. Best Wallet cannot undo or help recover crypto sent to the wrong address. Please double-check the wallet address carefully before sending.

If you're new to sending crypto, it's best practice to send small test amounts to familiarise yourself with the process. This approach allows you to get comfortable with the Send process in Best Wallet and practice how to securely transfer your funds without putting large sums at risk.

Step Three: Setting up your transfer

Choose the cryptocurrency you want to send from the drop-down bar. Here, we've selected Tether ($USDT). After you enter an amount, you will see your "Expected gas fee" breakdown.

If you want to send all your crypto funds, you can hit "Max" - this will send all your tokens, and factor in gas fees, too. If you try to manually send too much, you will be warned with the "Insufficient balance for transfer".

You won't be able to proceed with your transaction if you have an insufficient balance, so you will have to lower the amount.

Remember, you will have to pay gas fees on your transaction. This has to be paid in the native token of the network you're sending on. For example, if you're sending on Ethereum, you will have to pay the gas fees in Ether tokens ($ETH).

If you don't have enough native tokens to pay for the gas fees, you won't be able to complete your send transaction. You will see the warning message "Insufficient ETH/BNB/MATIC balance for gas", meaning that you won't be able to successfully send your crypto.

It's important to own some native tokens for each supported crypto network in Best Wallet to transact without issues.

Note: The gas fee amount will be updated every 12 seconds. This is because gas fees can fluctuate depending on how busy the crypto network is, so Best Wallet will keep updating the expected gas fee to ensure an accurate breakdown of costs.

Once you’ve set the amount you want to send and have enough to cover the gas fee, hit "Next" to be taken to the final confirmation screen.

You will be given an "Estimated total" amount in your chosen fiat currency. This is both the token value sent plus the gas fee.

Note: this is only an estimate and could change due to fluctuations in token price and gas fees.

Step Four: Double-check and confirm

Hit "Confirm", and you will have to enter your passcode or use your biometrics to confirm the transaction. You will then get a confirmation message that your transaction was successful, and you can return to the Best Wallet homepage by sliding the bar at the bottom.

How to check your transaction status in Best Wallet

You can see the status of your transaction in the “Transactions” tab on the homepage, which will have a live status next to it, plus the type of transaction (Buy, Receive, Deposit, or Swap).

Clicking on the transaction will give you the details, including sender to recipient, the amount sent, and the expected gas fee.

You can also view this on a Chain Explorer (such as Etherscan, which shows all transactions on the Ethereum blockchain), and you can also easily send tokens to the same wallet address by clicking the "Repeat" button!

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