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How To Find Your Private Keys in Best Wallet
How To Find Your Private Keys in Best Wallet

Learn how to find your private keys for any of your Best Wallets.

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Learn the simple steps to find your private key for any wallet in your Best Wallet app.

A private key is much like your crypto wallet’s unique password — a string of randomly generated letters and numbers that allows you to access and manage your crypto funds.

If you buy crypto through Best Wallet, that transaction will be connected to your Best Wallet’s private key. Additionally, every time you swap or send your crypto, Best Wallet will use your private key to authorise your transaction.

Your private key will look something like this:

A useful way to think of your private key is as the key to your crypto vault and, therefore, should be handled carefully and securely to keep your digital assets safe.

You don’t need your private keys for regular logins on Best Wallet, but you will need them to import your Best Wallet wallet into another app, for example, or if you lose access to your device or your Web3Auth login account.

Step One: Finding the right wallet

In the Best Wallet app, click the settings icon on the navigation bar.

Go to “Manage wallets”, which will give you a list of your existing wallets.

These will be divided into three categories: “Main wallet (Main)”, “Created wallets”, and “Imported wallets”. Select the wallet you want to find your private key.

Step Two: Revealing and storing your private key

Select “Private keys”.

It is important to exercise caution when handling your wallet’s private keys – treat your private keys like the password to your online banking app. We recommend physically backing up your private key by writing it down.

There will be an in-app warning around your Best Wallet’s private key – please read it carefully before moving to the next stage.

Once you hit “Continue”, you will have to use your passcode or biometrics to unlock your private key, ensuring that even if someone finds your device unlocked and your wallet open, they won’t access your private keys.

Now you can see your private keys; you will also have the option to copy to your clipboard. This way you can ensure you get an entirely accurate copy for safe storage.

Once copied to your clipboard, you can then return back to your Manage wallets page.

Note: Best Wallet does not recommend storing your private keys on your device in a screenshot or copied into your device's notes.

Securing your private keys

You have successfully found your Best Wallet’s private key, which can help secure and recover your funds, keeping you in complete custody of your crypto assets!

You should store copies of your Best Wallet’s private keys somewhere secure and offline.

The most common ways of safely storing your private key are:

  • Paper Wallets: Print out a copy of your private key and store it somewhere secure.

  • Encrypted USB Drive: Keep a copy of your private key on an encrypted USB drive that only you can access.

  • Cold Storage: Keep a copy of your private key on a device that is never connected to the internet.

Remember: No one from Best Wallet will ever ask for your wallet's private keys. Never share your private keys with anyone, even with people you trust.

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