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Can I Buy Bitcoin in Best Wallet?
Can I Buy Bitcoin in Best Wallet?

Learn about Bitcoin in Best Wallet and whether you can buy/trade $BTC tokens.

Updated over a week ago

Unfortunately, you cannot currently buy or hold Bitcoin ($BTC) in Best Wallet right now.

However, we are working on expanding our tokens, and Bitcoin is the next blockchain to be added to our supported networks. This means that by the end of Phase 3 of the Best Wallet roadmap, you will be able to buy and store Bitcoin in Best Wallet.

Why can I buy and trade Ethereum but not Bitcoin?

Best Wallet currently supports the Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon networks, and we are working towards adding several more, including Bitcoin.

This is why you can buy and store Ethereum ($ETH) or any token built on Ethereum (also known as an ERC-20 token) but can't buy or hold Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, as the oldest and largest cryptocurrency, operates on its own unique blockchain network and therefore $BTC tokens do not exist on any other network.

What can I do if I want to own Bitcoin in Best Wallet?

Although you can’t currently buy or hold Bitcoin ($BTC) in Best Wallet, you can swap and hold Wrapped Bitcoin ($WBTC).

Wrapped Bitcoin is an Ethereum token with the aim of representing Bitcoin ($BTC) on the Ethereum blockchain (it is also available on the Polygon network). It is important to note it is not Bitcoin but rather a separate ERC-20 token that’s designed to track Bitcoin’s value. Wrapped Bitcoin is valued the exact same as regular Bitcoin, meaning you can benefit from $BTC's price appreciation by holding $WBTC.

Read more about Wrapped Bitcoin here.

Learn how to find $WBTC in your Best Wallet token list in our article on How to Find/Import Articles, so you can benefit from Bitcoin’s price changes by holding $WBTC in Best Wallet.

Can I import my Bitcoin wallet?

Whilst you can import another crypto wallet into Best Wallet, you will not be able to see any Bitcoin tokens you hold in that wallet, nor will you be able to swap/send them in the Best Wallet app. This is because your Bitcoin tokens exist on the Bitcoin blockchain and can’t currently be read or tracked by the Best Wallet app. This does not mean your Bitcoin is lost, just inaccessible in Best Wallet currently.

Once Bitcoin is supported in Best Wallet, you can create a Bitcoin Best Wallet, or import and use your existing Bitcoin wallet without any issues.

How can I stay updated on Bitcoin in Best Wallet?

The best way to stay informed on all the Best Wallet updates, including when we add Bitcoin, is to follow our social media channels and check the Best Wallet app frequently.

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