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How To Buy Crypto in Best Wallet
How To Buy Crypto in Best Wallet

Learn how to buy crypto directly in your Best Wallet app.

Updated over a week ago

Learn the simple steps on how to buy a wide range of cryptocurrencies with your credit card directly in Best Wallet.

By integrating Onramper, the #1 crypto purchase provider aggregator, you will now get the most competitive prices and lowest fees for your crypto purchase when buying through Best Wallet.

Step One: Getting started

There are several ways you can buy crypto in the Best Wallet app. The first way is to hit the “Buy” button on your wallet card from the home screen.

The second way is to select the cryptocurrency you want to buy from your token list and click the “Buy” button on the following screen.

Once you have chosen which token you’d like to purchase, click the “Buy” button.

The final way to buy is via the "Trade" section of Best Wallet.

Once you're on the Trade page, hit "Buy" from here to be brought to Onramper.

All of these will then bring you to the integrated Onramper page.

Step Two: Setting up your crypto purchase

Once on the Onramper widget, you will be able to set up your purchase. First, you can set what currency you are buying in, and then the crypto you want to buy.

Once you add how much you want to buy, you will see the exchange rate. You can also set what payment method you want to use for your purchase - credit card, bank deposit, Apple Pay, etc. Explore the options best suited for you, but often purchases via bank card will offer the quickest and most convenient way. You can also set up a repeat purchase for convenient regular purchases.

Additionally, pay close attention to the provider offered for your purchase. Onramper is an aggregator of crypto purchase providers, so will match you with the best provider for your purchase. This means you will get the most favourable exchange rate and lowest fees for your crypto purchase.

Once you're happy with your purchase, hit "Buy" at the bottom. Remember to double-check your received amount, but expect some fluctuation as crypto prices can be quite volatile.

This will connect you to the provider for your purchase. Depending on where you reside, you might have to do an identification check, which is an unavoidable part of buying cryptocurrency and will be necessary as per the provider's requirements. This is never set or fulfilled by Best Wallet and is solely dependent on the crypto purchase provider.

Once you are connected, you will have the option to open the provider in an external browser.

Here, you can continue your purchase with the provider. This is completely independent of the Best Wallet app, but your new crypto will go directly to your Best Wallet.

Step Three: Purchasing successfully

You may also have to verify/authorise your crypto payment with your bank provider, depending on where you are located and your bank's policy on crypto purchases.

Once you have completed your purchase in the provider, you can return to Best Wallet. If you encounter any issues, it's best to contact that provider's support as they can track your purchase and troubleshoot any problems accurately.

There may be a slight delay in showing the tokens you bought, but that is to be expected, especially if buying Ethereum ($ETH) or a token on the Ethereum network, as there are often delays in processing transactions due to network congestion. Eventually, your new tokens will show in your token list and your wallet's balance will also be updated.

Once it's been processed, you can check your purchase on the home screen. You can do this by going to the "Transaction" tab on your home screen. Again, your purchase may take some time to appear in your Best Wallet app.

Once you press on the transaction, it will tell you the transaction status and a breakdown of sender/receiver and fees.

How long will it take before my crypto shows in Best Wallet?

Depending on what crypto you’ve bought, what network it is on, the amount, and the method of the purchase, it could take anywhere between a few minutes, a few hours, or even a few days.

Remember, you can check your transaction status in the "Transactions" tab in the Best Wallet app, which will offer updates on the status of your purchase on the blockchain.

You can also check through the Onramper provider, which should have given you some sort of receipt upon purchasing, and should offer some updates on your transaction.

If you've bought via your bank card, you can also check your online banking app to see if the money has left your account.

However, it's best to wait a few hours before troubleshooting your purchase, as crypto purchases can be a lengthy process.

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