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How To Find & Import a Token in Best Wallet
How To Find & Import a Token in Best Wallet

Learn how to find and import missing tokens in your Best Wallet app.

Updated over a week ago

This guide will outline the simple steps to find and import tokens into your Best Wallet.

This is helpful if you’re missing crypto tokens from your token list on your home screen or just looking to import tokens that aren't in Best Wallet’s default token list, such as recently launched presale tokens or low market cap coins.

You can either watch our video tutorial or follow the steps below!

Adding an already available token to your main page

If you don’t see a token you own or want to track in your "Tokens" list, the first step is to check if it is already available on the Best Wallet app and just not toggled on.

On the home page, select the "Tokens" view.

Press the three vertical dots on the right-hand side of the token and transaction tabs.

This will then bring up the option to “Manage token” or “Refresh list”. Hit “Manage token” to bring up the list of tokens currently available on Best Wallet.

On the "Manage tokens" page, you can search by address, name, or ticker to find the cryptocurrency you want to add to your homescreen token list.

If it is already available in Best Wallet, you only need to toggle it on.

Once toggled on, don't forget to save it so it will appear in your token list on the homepage.

You can also choose your desired token based on its network by checking the little symbols next to the name. For example, in Best Wallet, Tether ($USDT) can exist on the BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum, or Polygon networks, meaning you need to select the right version of the token you own/want to own.

Importing a token into Best Wallet

If the token doesn't show up in the search, you can import it into Best Wallet.

Remember, you can only import tokens from the current Best Wallet supported networks: Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon.

For example, say you've searched for the Polkadot ($DOT) token, but it isn't showing up.

The next step would be to import the token via the button below.

Then, select the network the token is on. You can find what network the token is on by checking the project's website or whitepaper.

The next key part of importing a token is its contract address. This holds all the important information about the token.

Most token contract addresses can be found on the token/ecosystem’s website or via websites like CoinMarketCap. Some tokens will have several contract addresses that represent the token on different crypto networks, so ensure you select the correct contract address.

Once you’ve pasted the contract address into Best Wallet, the token name, symbol, and decimal will autofill. You can also select whether to import to all your Best Wallets or just your current one. Hit “Confirm” to see the new token's details.

The final step will just be to confirm the import with a breakdown of the token's details and logo. This is a good chance to double-check you've imported the token on the right chain.

Once these steps are done, both the toggled-on and the newly imported tokens will be available on your home screen or in your wallet’s balance.

In summary

Just follow those easy steps to find and import missing tokens into Best Wallet. You may need to import tokens if they're relatively new projects (like presales), have only recently launched, or have a relatively small market capitalisation.

Best Wallet is continually looking to add more tokens and more networks, including Bitcoin, in the app. Stay tuned to learn more about Best Wallet updates here.

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