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Why Is My Wallet Balance Incorrect?
Why Is My Wallet Balance Incorrect?

Troubleshoot why your Best Wallet balance may not be accurate.

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Noticing discrepancies in your wallet balance can be confusing and concerning. Here's a breakdown of potential reasons why your Best Wallet's balance may be incorrect and how you can resolve them.

Check your Best Wallet’s transactions

Your balance may not reflect recent transactions accurately, or there could be transactions you overlooked or are pending.

What to do

  • Open your Best Wallet and navigate to your transaction history.

  • Review all recent transactions to identify any that might have altered your balance.

  • Remember, transactions include not just purchases, but also swaps and transfers in and out of your wallet.

Delays due to transactions pending/processing

Transactions, particularly bank-to-crypto purchases, can take a few days to process, causing your Best Wallet balance to seem outdated.

What to do

  • Check for any transactions labelled as "Pending" within your wallet.

  • If you have any “Pending” transactions, wait for these transactions to be completed. Network congestion, especially on popular blockchains like Ethereum, can lead to delays.

You’ve received spam tokens

You might have received unwanted tokens, known as spam tokens, which can clutter your wallet and misrepresent your actual balance.

What to do

  • Carefully inspect your wallet for any tokens that seem unfamiliar or unexpected.

  • You can search for an unknown token online and on social media. You should be able to gauge whether that token is genuine or not. Make sure the token is not from an airdrop or reward scheme you weren't aware of.

  • If you identify a suspicious token, you should flag it to Best Wallet’s customer support.

  • Do not engage with the suspicious token in any way. Do not send or swap it until you are sure the token is safe to do so.

Your crypto fund values are fluctuating

The crypto market is volatile; you never know when your crypto tokens can suddenly increase or decrease in value. This can affect the overall balance reflected in your wallet.

What to do

  • Regularly check the current market prices of your tokens. You can check the values of most cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap.

  • Understand that fluctuations in the market value of your tokens will impact the local currency (e.g., $USD, €EUR) balance displayed in your wallet.

You've paid gas fees

Executing transactions, especially swaps, requires gas fees, which are deducted from your balance, reducing the amount of tokens like $ETH. So if you swap one token for another in your Best Wallet app, you’d expect to see the same balance post-swap. However, because you had to pay gas fees to execute the swap, your balance will be lower than it was before the swap.

What to do

  • Review your recent transactions to identify the amounts deducted as gas fees.

  • Keep in mind that every transaction on networks like Ethereum incurs these fees, which will directly reduce your available balance.

Verify token balances on a block explorer

A blockchain explorer is a digital tool for viewing real-time blockchain data, including transactions and balances. You can verify and cross-check your Best Wallet balance to see if it aligns with the actual data on the blockchain.

What to do

  • Copy your wallet address in Best Wallet.

  • Paste it into a relevant block explorer (Etherscan for Ethereum, BscScan for BNB Smart Chain, etc.).

  • Compare the detailed balance and transaction history on the block explorer with what's displayed in your wallet to identify any discrepancies.

Update or refresh your wallet

Your wallet may not be updating correctly due to issues with your internet connection or the wallet's network connection. It also may be due to you needing to update your Best Wallet app to the latest version.

What to do

  • Ensure you have a stable and strong internet connection.

  • Check if there are delays or congestion on the Ethereum, Polygon, or BNB Smart Chain networks that may be impacting your Best Wallet balance.

  • Go to your device's app store (Google Play Store or Apple App Store) and check for the latest updates/Best Wallet version.

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